astrology solution for love marriage problem reshamm

Reshamm Astro: Your Guide to Astrology Solutions for Love Marriage Problems


In the intricate tapestry of love and relationships, young couples often find themselves at a crossroads, pondering whether to embark on the journey of love marriage or embrace the path of arranged marriage. The uncertainties of love, coupled with societal norms and family expectations, can leave them perplexed and anxious about their future together. However, Reshamm Astro believes that the stars can shine brightly on your fate, and love marriage specialists in the world of astrology can help you find the answers you seek. In this article, we will explore how Reshamm Astro's unique approach to astrology can provide solutions to love marriage problems.

astrology solution for love marriage problem reshamm

Understanding the Complexities:

Before diving into the solutions, it's essential to acknowledge the complexities that often accompany love marriages:

  • Parental Disagreement: Family approval can be a significant hurdle in the path of love marriages.
  • Differences in Status, Caste, Traditions & Norms: Societal disparities can lead to friction within relationships.
  • Arguments: Conflicts and disagreements are natural but need resolution.
  • Boredom: The routine of married life can sometimes lead to monotony.
  • Misunderstandings: Lack of communication and comprehension can strain relationships.
  • Fear of Infidelity: Trust issues can erode the foundation of a relationship.
  • Doubts Regarding Long-Term Commitment and Sexual Health: Concerns about the future can cause anxiety.
  • Introduction of a Third Person: Interference from external sources can disrupt harmony.

These challenges can become even more pronounced when couples are expecting children, dealing with health issues, or grappling with egoistic clashes.

The Role of Astrology:

Reshamm Astro firmly believes in the power of astrology to address these challenges. By analyzing your birth chart, which includes your birth date, timings, and place, as well as the positions of planets and stars, astrologers can offer valuable insights into your love life and marriage prospects.

  1. Houses: Astrologers examine the 5th house for love life and the 7th house for marriage to determine compatibility.

  2. Planets and Stars: The influence of planets like Jupiter, Mercury, Moon, and malefic ones like Rahu-Ketu, Saturn, and Mars is assessed.

  3. Conjunctions: The conjunction of planets in your birth chart can reveal strengths and weaknesses in your relationship.

  4. Navamsa Chart: This chart is crucial for understanding the deeper aspects of your marriage and love life.

  5. Timings: Astrologers consider auspicious timings for important decisions, including marriage.

Love Marriage Yoga:

In Reshamm Astro's unique approach, love astrology plays a pivotal role. It identifies Vastu doshas and Lagna doshas in your fate, allowing astrologers to place the right stars and planets in the right houses. Long-term practices are also suggested to maintain a thriving marriage.

Understanding Your Partner:

Astrologers delve into the intrinsic relationships of the lords of the 5th and 7th houses to uncover the traits of your partner. They pay special attention to Venus and its conjunction with other planets to ensure a harmonious relationship.

Navigating Challenges:

Love marriage specialists at Reshamm Astro not only predict your love marriage but also prepare you for potential obstacles. They calculate acceptance and denial levels through chart matching and rectify any shortcomings through karma correction. Additionally, they address issues related to earnings, ignorance, and forgiveness by working with the energies of the 11th, 1st, and 7th houses.


In conclusion, Reshamm Astro offers a unique and comprehensive approach to solving love marriage problems through astrology. Their love marriage specialists are dedicated to helping you find happiness and harmony in your relationship. Whether your horoscope favors love marriage or suggests an arranged marriage filled with love, Reshamm Astro can guide you toward a healthier, more fulfilling partnership. Trust in the wisdom of astrology and seek the advice of Reshamm Astro to ensure a bright and prosperous future with your partner.

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